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Here are tips to help your home Show, Sell and Inspect its best.

There are a few inexpensive things you can do to help your home show and inspect its best. A few short minutes today may give your house a better inspection report, reduce repair requests, and show buyers you keep up-to-date on repair and maintenance.

  1. Clean
  2. Arrange to have all utilities--gas, water, electricity--turned on
  3. If home is vacant, provide toilet tissue, towels, garbage can and soap for visitors
  4. Replace all burnt light bulbs (try compact florescent)
  5. Replace smoke alarm batteries
  6. Tighten and oil doorknobs, handles, and other hardware
  7. Clear space for the inspector to view electrical panels and access attic/crawlspace
  8. Clear slow drains and repair leaky fixtures if possible
  9. Replace dirty air filters
  10. Clean and clear debris from gutters and downspouts
  11. Remove clutter under cabinets to allow access to plumbing
  12. Install switchplate and outlet covers for everyone's safety
  13. Test all GFCI outlets and replace faulty ones (fairly painless when you cut power FIRST)
  14. Gather appliance manuals, warranty information, and repair bills for reference
  15. Light pilots on gas fireplaces, water heaters, etc. (inspectors will not, for liability reasons)
  16. Clean

    Most of the items on this list cost very little money to address and correct but will significantly improve the way your home appears to prospective buyers and inspectors.